About Us

Electra Frost Advisory is a Queensland-based boutique accounting and advisory firm that specialises in helping enterprising business owners stay accountable to their visions. Through setting goals, embracing innovation and implementing best practice across all areas of business financial management and strategy, we guide our clients’ financial futures from survival to success.

Established in Sydney in 2008, now in Brisbane and Central Coast Qld, we’ve consistently innovated within our practice to be resistant to disruption and lead our clients through times of constant change. Our team of friendly, forward-thinking professionals are just as dedicated to the ongoing success of your business as they are to our own. 

About The Team

You can expect personalised and attentive service from us. Our small friendly team is highly experienced and qualified, and fully trained by supervised by Electra Frost, a Chartered Tax Adviser and FIPA Qualified Accountant who’s been in business 12 years. Our people are used to working with time-challenged and big-picture-thinking business owners and they have the experience and qualifications to handle your work with care:

How We Work

Electra Frost Advisory works with business owners in a uniquely structured and connected way. Because the best business financial management happens all the time, not just at tax time.

We have never been traditional accountants; we know what traditional accountants offer and we believe that small business owners need more. They have personal life goals. So all engagements begin with a proper planning process. 

Communication is key to a great working relationship, so we make the most of digital connectivity and meet regularly to make sure business owners stay in control of their finances and keep goals within sight. 

If you’re keen to work this wat, then we may be a great fit!

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About Our Partners

Whatever question or issue you have in your financial life, we’re here to find solutions for you. Whether it’s lending, brokering, audit, specialist legal or financial advice, we will help you find a suitable provider and act as your trusted concierge. In the last 12 years we’ve cultivated a network of highly skilled professionals, technology providers and trusted contacts who understand our clients in a variety of industries.