Our Clients

The Electra Frost Accounting team have worked with artistic, creative, service-based and technology businesses for over 20 years. 

Our clients are geographically dispersed, not just in Brisbane and Sydney. They’re decentralising operations to regional centres, touring, working overseas, tree-changers, sea-changers, and expanding their digital empires from home offices.

Many of our clients are in service-based business. Our solutions are also popular with businesses from the entire creative spectrum: Film and TV production companies, producers, musicians, composers, authors, actors, performing artists, visual artists, designers, developers, digital nomads, start-ups, inventors, and many other collaborators, promoters and innovators in creative and artistic fields.

With the convergence of creativity and technology, global mobility and the rising interest in alternative currencies our client demographic is sophisticated and diverse.

Australians in all states and doing business internationally regularly meet online with us to manage their business and taxes, since 2008. They typically experience rapid growth, have fluctuating incomes from different sources and complex tax affairs, are tech-savvy and value more regular advice from their accountants. Our clients usually find us through word-of-mouth recommendation.

Ryan Van Gennip, Rhythm Section Management

“I have been working with Electra and her fabulous team for over a decade now. They have always gone above and beyond to try and get the best results for both my personal and business tax returns”

Sam & Grace Uther, Olfactory Films

“As a couple of filmmakers in Brisbane, it has been wonderful to have an accountant who understands and knows what options are available to us to best sustain our business.”

Giordana Cocco, Umbilico

“I found Electra after trying three different (recommended) accountants and she has been looking after both my personal and business matters for several years now…Their approach is modern and streamlined, their fees are transparent and everyone goes the extra mile, providing precious peace of mind for clients.”