Electra Frost joins the Flying Arts Alliance Touring Team 2019

January 2, 2019

By Request Program: Creative Communities can request our workshops on Financial Management for Artists and Specialist Tax for Arts Businesses.

Electra Frost Accounting is honoured to join the Flying Arts Alliance Inc Touring Team in 2019.

With 20 year’s creative industries experience and a passion for travel and the regional arts, Electra is enthusiastic to deliver her tailored workshops to Creative Communities in remote locations where specialist arts advisory services are difficult to access.

As one of Australia’s leading tax advisers to arts professionals, Electra is highly conversant and personable in a workshop setting.  She’s presented ‘tax essentials for artists’ workshops for various organisations including Creative Plus Business, NAVA, Creative Regions (Bundaberg), Moreton Bay Council and the Qld College of Arts.

Her niche topics include arts business accounting, structuring, international tax, digital business, the Cultural Gifts Program and special professional income averaging. As an independent financial adviser (limited AFSL) she is also able to explain financial management, lending and insurance concepts relevant to artistic practice.


  • Jenn Miners: “I just wanted to say a big thank you to Creative Regions for organising the ‘Art is a Business: Tax Essentials’ session last night with Electra Frost. It was really interesting and I think all of us (from different areas of art) picked up some gems, plus more information in our tool box to ask our accountants better more informed questions. If another session is held I highly recommend going and taking full advantage of Electra’s knowledge in the arts industry. Thank you!”
  • Creative Regions Ltd, Bundaberg QLD: “The workshop was very well received from all who attended.”

For more information and enquiries, please visit Flying Arts Alliance Inc here.

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