Screen industry tax offsets extended

June 16, 2019

Prior to the election, the government announced it would allow TV series and mini-series productions distributed through online platforms to access refundable tax offsets available to Australia’s screen industry.

The extension of the Post, Digital and Digital Effects (‘PDV’) and Location Offsets to series streamed on platforms such as Netflix, Stan and Amazon Prime has been welcomed by the Australian screen industry which had been calling for a tax legislation update for some time.

The word “television” in the tax legislation had previously been interpreted to only apply to free-to-air and pay TV. So any series produced for online streaming were previously ineligible for these particular offsets.  Whereas, the Producer Offset had applied to all series without the word “television” in the relevant legislation to restrict its application.

This decision is now in effect for eligible applications received from 11 April 2019. Eligibility aligns with the Producer Offset. It was also confirmed that there will be no changes to the format eligibility for the Australian Screen Production Incentive.

The Australian Screen Production Incentive provides tax incentives for film, television and other screen production in Australia. The Producer Offset, PDV Offset and Location Offset are refundable tax offsets which entitle eligible applicants to receive a tax refund where the amount of the Offset claimed exceeds the applicant’s tax liabilities.

Please contact us for further information about eligibility or claiming these incentives.



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