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Construction, building and trades businesses must effectively manage margins and costs to remain competitive and also fund expansion and growth.

We understand your industry. Doing the bookkeeping for our business clients makes the process more efficient and we waste less of your time and ours. In a competitive market, expert advice can help you reduce financial risk and adapt quickly to ensure you get a piece of the action.

With our knowledge you'll be able to choose and implement the right accounting system, methods and strategies to help your building or trades business grow. By tracking your KPI's and benchmarks, you'll get a fresh, valuable perspective on the way your business is running. Cash flow forecasts and monthly reviews will help ensure your business is reaching its growth targets.

Our clients range from family owned to owner-managed businesses, and we've worked with residential and commercial builders, landscapers, contractors and property developers.

We’ll provide you with accurate timely information so you know how your business in performing. This way you can address the issues as they happen and minimise or maximise the impact. You will be in full control of your business.

Electra Frost Advisory can help you:

  • Achieve accurate pricing to increase profitability of your contracts
  • Assist with your project cash flow and profit projections before you start
  • Stop cost leakages through regular profit and loss and discretionary spending reviews
  • Use the best Business Structure to protect your family assets and legally minimise your tax 
  • Minimise your governance, regulatory, Fair Work and taxation risks and costs

In our experience a properly balanced set of books by an expert will allow you to focus on doing what you do best:

  • improving your business
  • making more money 
  • spending more time with your family  

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now” ~ Alan Lakein

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