CoActive Business Plan

Partner with an accountant who can help you scale your business, without the overwhelm.

Our CoActive Plan for your Business

This is how we work with all businesses to help ensure that their activities will have the greatest possible impact.

Your business is an ecosystem of processes, people and systems. The challenge is to get all the parts working so your business can grow without it consuming your life.

Whether you are trying to solve a specific problem or create a long term plan, we start by looking at where you are now… how you got there… what you missed… where you want to get to… and then consider what the next steps should be.

We immerse ourselves in your business to execute best practice across finance, processes, strategy, governance and risk in all the key areas of business. We use your VISION for your business to identify clear objectives and measurable goals that we can hold you accountable to every month and, that way, keep you on track for growth.


Let’s make your business work for YOU, by:

  • Defining exactly what success means to you
  • Documenting that vision in a strategic plan
  • Identifying specific goals and targets
  • Controlling cash-flow and budgets
  • Increasing profit margins
  • Leveraging digital technology to create efficiencies
  • Finding ways to be more competitive
  • Minimising risks of audits and leakage
  • Building resistance to disruptions
  • Identifying and capitalising on your brand assets
  • Increasing the value of your business for potential sale or investors
  • Increasing owners’ income, tax effectively for personal wealth planning
  • Most importantly – keeping you accountable to your goals, every month

Services include


In the first 90 days we systematically review your business systems, processes and resources to customise your plan of action for business continuity, risk management and growth.

Our focus is on the reporting, governance, compliance, business processes, management and strategic planning. Most small businesses do not spend enough time on their planning and, as result, never fulfil their potential; indeed many fail altogether. You will be getting a complete, customised plan for scaling your business, specifically tailored to your business and its growth goals. We support your business by providing an effective framework to grow within, with each process fully documented.

We work coactively with you to:

  • Create a Vision for the future – where do you want your business to be in 12 months and 5 years?
  • Analyse your business model, sales pipeline, unit economics, funding sources and diversified revenue stream opportunities
  • Develop a clear set of goals, financial projections and milestones
  • Leverage our ecosystem of specialists to assist with your business IT, legal, HR, and lending matters.
  • Implement suitable cloud-based accounting and payroll systems
  • Integrate business tools to create efficiencies and give you performance insights

This includes:

  • Half-day strategic planning workshop
  • Half-day forecasting and budgeting workshop
  • Processes, people and systems workshop
  • Weekly and monthly reporting
  • Monthly advisory board meetings


We think of it more as “automation-assisted accounting”.

As a Xero Gold Champion Partner accounting firm we leverage the best cloud technologies and employ good bookkeepers we trust to deliver an integrated online business system, including app integration, for clients. Why Because it provides us with the quality information we need to give you accurate and timely advice, interpretation and analysis. Working in lock-step with our accounting team, our bookkeepers make sure our clients’ records are ready for action.

Bookkeeping activities will be conducted on behalf of your business to ensure that all financial information is reliable and up to date.


Getting this right is imperative. Satisfied employees means satisfied customers, which leads to profitability.

  • Keep Initial payroll account setup for all employees.
  • Processing of payroll Fortnightly for all employees.
  • Engage HR partner to review compliance with current awards and obligations.


Providing transparency throughout the business.

Not just the financials – but more importantly, measuring all of the assumptions that you have previously made about the business (non-financials). These are are lead indicators of your business. Building a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual framework means “Everything that gets measured, gets done”.

Based on the information being entered and reconciled in Xero and our integrated reporting software, we will provide you with monthly management accounts.

* Income statements (Profit & Loss account)
* Cash summary
* Balance Sheet
* Accounts Receivables due and Aged Debtors details
* Accounts Payables due and Aged Creditors details
* A Board Report
* A contribution analysis report (by project and/or client)


Base your decisions on actual data and facts, rather than gut feelings.

Our advisory services are a hybrid between CFO and Controller advisory services, to assist you in monthly standard compliance and business strategic planning. We schedule monthly calls or attend board meetings.

* Oversee your accounting systems to ensure proper bookkeeping and reporting
* Monitor the financial health and well-being of the business
* Budgets and forecasts to help measure business performance
* Help with managing and forecasting cash flow assumptions and needs
* Guidance in strategic planning relating to growth and expansion
* Financial insight and guidance on company decisions and compliance issues


Chartered Tax Advisors reviewing developments and tax saving opportunities on a quarterly basis, usually prior to BAS lodgments.

Includes continually updated Tax Planning reports with recommendations and actions, as well as director and shareholder remuneration reviews.


We understand the corporate secretarial function inside and out. Let us shoulder that responsibility so you can concentrate on running your company.

One of the responsibilities of owning a company is making sure your ASIC corporate register is maintained and up to date. If there are changes to your company’s details held with ASIC, they need to be minuted and notified on appropriate forms, and lodged within strict time frames. Even more strictly than the ATO, ASIC issues very heavy fines for incorrect forms, late lodgments and late payments.


Always on time, managed in the background like clockwork

Preparation and lodgement of quarterly Business Activity Statements and monthly Instalment Activity Statements.


With peace of mind that your accounts will be tax-ready come July

Preparation of annual financial statements and income tax returns for the business group and owners’s family.


Preparation and lodgement of your Taxable Payment Annual Reports


Preparation and lodgement of Fringe Benefits Tax Return

and more.. what do you need? Let’s take it off your hands and focus on profitability.

Value plus:

  • SoloPreneurs from $1,500 p.m.
  • Small Business with Employees from $2,000 p.m.
  • Growing Business from $2,500 p.m.
  • SME Plus from $3,000 p.m.

Fixed monthly fees and so much less than paying the wages of an in-house bookkeeper and CFO.

Plus you access the expertise and broad skill-sets of an accountant who can develop your business financial plan in line with your personal goals, connect you with an ecosystem of trusted specialists, manage all statutory obligations, and help to digitally transform and scale your business growth effectively.