How We Work

There is nothing better than a face-to-face meeting with a specialist in any field that you are not fully acquainted with. To be able to sit down with a professional to help you understand your specific situation relative to the tax system is highly helpful. Our interaction is personal, engaging and informative: making it the best communication possible. Electra is also available for Skype video consultations, including some evenings and Saturday afternoons, making it even more convenient for us to meet up.

Our Client Portal and Online Questionnaires are designed to help you work more efficiently and easily with us, and can save you on accounting fees. 

Helpful information for new clients. [this page is under maintenance]

Specialist services at a reasonable price. Indicative fees and standard terms. Most fees are tax deductible. You are assured that your work is being handled by very experienced and well-informed professionals who are personally dedicated to delivering your best possible outcome.