How We Work

There is nothing better than a face-to-face meeting with a specialist in any field that you are not fully acquainted with, whether in person or on video. To be able to sit down with a professional to help you understand your specific situation relative to the tax system is highly helpful. Our interaction is personal, engaging and informative - making it the best communication possible. Electra is available for video consultations some evenings and Saturdays, making it even more convenient for us to meet up.

Our online tools are designed to help you work more easily with us, and can save you on accounting fees. Wherever you are we can work securely and effectively with you. With our own Client Portal, we use customised Online Questionnaires with Secure File Upload to make it easier for you to organise and deliver your information to us before a meeting.

What to expect when meeting with us for the first time.  If you're after a tax return or specific advice, we explain how to work with us to get the best value from our services. Are you seeking an initial consultation to determine your requirements and see if we're a good fit? If you're looking to change accountants for your company, we understand that it isn't an easy decision to make having given the time, dollars and emotional investment already put into that relationship. Please see this page for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Specialist services at a reasonable price. Indicative fees for various services.  We have 20 years experience with creative professionals and are always looking for ways to improve their financial outcomes,  whether we’re doing a tax return, reviewing a budget or just having a chat.

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