Meeting at our office

There is nothing better than a face-to-face meeting with a specialist in any field that you are not fully acquainted with. To be able to sit down with a professional to help you understand your specific situation relative to the tax system is highly helpful. Our interaction is personal, engaging and informative: making it the best communication possible.

We treat every client with the attention and respect everyone deserves. Consultation is a service offered so that we not only meet all expectations of good practice but also understand our clients’ needs so that we may serve them better. You will have every opportunity to meet with Electra or Joe before, during and after your accounts and tax returns have been prepared. We are open and available all year round to any questions or to provide tax planning services.

Skype Webcam – Video conference

Many of our clients are interstate and overseas. Sometimes even Sydneysiders cannot conveniently visit our office. No problem. We can work with you online!

Consultations by Skype webcam are as effective as meeting in person. We talk to you face to face while showing you your tax return details with ‘screen sharing’. Sign documents electronically and share files via our secure portal in the meeting, so your tax return can be lodged on the day.

Electra is available some evenings and Saturdays, and is flexible for clients in different time zones, making it even more convenient for us to meet up.