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Working online with us – securely and effectively

Working online with us - securely and effectively 1Wherever you are, we can work with you.

With our own Client Portal, we use customised Online Questionnaires with Secure File Upload to make it easier for you to organise and deliver your information to us before a meeting.

As a general policy, we do not recommend sending your sensitive information by email, as emails are less secure and can go missing.

Our Client Portal and Online Questionnaires are designed to help you work more efficiently and easily with us, and can save you on accounting fees. We don’t outsource any of our client’s work to third parties. Your data is downloaded to our server and accessed by us.

Electra Frost personally writes all of our tax questionnaires, tailored to our clients. They contain simple ‘Yes or No’ questions with text fields and links to worksheets for you to provide all relevant details. If you follow our questionnaires thoroughly, we can even complete your tax return without a meeting.

With our scheduled auto-reminder emails, we help you to make sure you lodge your BAS or tax return before the due date. We don’t want you to get fined up to $1,050 by the ATO for late lodgment. You can count on us to keep reminding you until you do it! :-)

Keep all your tax files in one place, not hidden in email spaghetti. You can log into your Secure Client Area anytime to access the files you sent us, the files we sent you, or to complete your questionnaires. You can even see the dates and times we accessed your files.

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