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The $20,000 immediate deduction for assets can also be claimed by some employees and investors. The small business community welcomed the government’s $20,000 instant asset write-off initiative from the last federal budget, but there is an added bonus hidden in the legislation that could open up the valuable deduction to a wider tax-paying cohort than just small business entities. We explain.

Can you claim a deduction for your legal expenses?  We also look at various legal expenses that are allowable deductions for employees, businesses, investors and landlords.

Have you borrowed money to pay a business tax debt? We look at whether the interest on a loan taken out to pay a tax debt may be claimed; and in a similar vein when refinancing a partnership, it may open up a deduction opportunity.

Are you considering setting up your own self-managed superannuation fund? We run through the considerations you really need to pay attention to. To SMSF or not?

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