Specialist Tax Services

Creative Businesses

As a Creative Business:

  • You need an accountant who understands what you do,
  • who keeps up with the relevant tax legislation for your activities, and
  • you’ll get the most value from their expertise if your accounting system is in great shape.

We have 20 years of experience with the arts and entertainment industry, including artistic businesses in the digital realm. Many of our clients are also in software development, web design, video production, animation, SFX, VR, gaming, apps, product design, social media, publishing, marketing and small scale e-commerce.

Our types of clients operate in constantly changing markets and have to think quickly, collaborate effectively and come up with highly unique services and products. They may be raising and investing large amounts of start-up capital or grants and need to keep a close eye on their budgets and cash flow.

However, when it comes to accounting, so many by-pass professional tax advice and use outdated software that doesn’t align with their business needs. If your accounting and tax is difficult to manage it can inhibit your business growth. We want to help you manage it all throughout the year.

Even if you only need an annual return done, we will approach it as a tax planning exercise for the benefit of you, the business owner. We think ahead. We are always on the lookout for ways to save you tax and alert you to avoid costly problems you weren’t aware of.

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Individual and Sole Trader Tax Returns

Most of our clients are special professionals. Many have complicated tax returns, with income from different sources and high-value deductions.

So we take a special approach. We use our experience and technology to minimise the time needed to gather your information. That way, we can focus on the things that save you more tax!

  • Interviewing you in order to discover more deductions to claim.
  • Thorough and personalised advice on claiming all the allowable deductions and tax offsets specific to your industry.
  • Income averaging for special professionals.
  • Prior tax year amendments if you missed out on something.
  • Tax effective planning for artists’ grant income and business losses.
  • Cultural Gifts Program: tax-effective donations and related applications.
  • Film Industry Incentives and Tax Offsets.
  • Foreign income and tax residency advice; avoid double taxation.
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies: investment, trading, mining or business transacting
  • Medicare Levy exemptions.
  • Multi-year overdue tax returns.
  • Advising you of your lodgement obligations: or if not-required-to-lodge.

Creative professionals new to Australia, including skilled immigrants and temporary residents: We patiently explain our system and will carefully consider your overseas income, assets and long-term plans. With us preparing your tax return and speaking with the Tax Office on your behalf, you can be confident that you are doing the right thing.

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* we will request your tax return information for review before the meeting goes ahead, so please book at least a week ahead to allow sufficient time for this process.

Tax Advice for Homebuyers and Investors

  • Tax Planning for Rental Properties and Investments; Negative Gearing.
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT); maximising Cost Base savings and Main Residence exemptions.
  • GST-free going concerns – checking claims, and handling adjustments.
  • Preparing Certified Asset Registers for future CGT cost base safeguarding.
  • Capital Works Depreciation Schedules
  • Referral to independent mortgage brokers and financial planners (no commissions received).

Tax Advice for Australians Overseas

  • Consulting and lodging with you online, by video conference and secure portal, wherever you are and at flexible times.
  • Planning for changing family or business circumstances.
  • Determining your tax-residency status and lodgment obligations.
  • Avoiding double-taxation on your worldwide income.
  • Help with cross border Australian tax issues.
  • Setting up ATO registrations and patiently explaining the Australian tax system to temporary and new residents.
  • Capital Gains Tax issues for Non Residents.
  • Referral to overseas tax preparers.
  • Please see here for more information on how we can assist.


  • Tax Office Audits – Representation and handling.
  • Objections to ATO assessments.
  • Negotiating tax payment plans
  • Private Ruling applications.
  • Requests for information.
  • Changes to registration details.

Anyone who has experience dealing with a government agency can tell you about their mixed feelings dealing with it. Dealing with a large bureaucracy can be frustrating at times and seem to have little to no progression. Many individuals find it difficult to communicate with the Tax Office because they are unfamiliar with the process.

Being represented is not only important but is also helpful. Many benefits come from having a tax agent speak on your behalf. As tax professionals, we have a variety of resources available to use to help resolve any tax issue faster than you would be able to do yourself.

We can help you with tax debts, payment arrangements, late lodgment penalties, PAYG instalment downwards variations, bungled assessments and numerous other problems that can occur in the tax lodgment process. Whether we prepared the tax return or not, we offer the same services to anyone who appoints us as their tax agent.

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