Checklists and Templates

Our clients can use these Excel and Word templates to record their tax return details in an ATO-compliant format. Suitable for sole traders, contractors, work related expenses, car expenses, home offices, rental properties and capital gains.

All of the content on this page is created and managed by Electra Frost to assist you with your record keeping so you can get the best value from our services. We’d love to hear from you if you wish to offer suggestions, report broken links or request new templates.

Online Tax Return Questionnaires

Our clients are able to to send us their files using a secure portal. Electra Frost writes thorough tax questionnaires which are online checklists to help you gather the right records and send them to us in an orderly way. Using them saves time and saves fees. More about Working Online with us, here.

Excel Templates for Sole Traders and Contractors

These Excel templates are useful for sole-traders and contractors. The format is general and only requires a basic working knowledge of Excel. If you wish to modify them, keep the column headings as they form the basis of a compliant record keeping system. 

These are our most commonly used templates:

Click on the links above to download and save to your computer as ‘Your Name Description Tax Year.xlsx’

For example: Groovy McGroover Business Income 2018.xlsx

NOTE: If you have work related expenses too, you can add a column to apportion an expense between business and work related. Or add a separate page to the workbook. Be sure to rename (and even colour) the tabs on any extra pages you add so we see them.

Our templates were modeled on samples provided by the Tax Office’s ‘Record keeping for small businesses’ page. Please contact us if you require advice on your legal obligations to keep records.

Simple cash-basis method of recording business transactions: Go through your bank and credit card statements from 1 July , checking for receipts/invoices as you go, to ensure that no transactions are left out. Also record any unbanked cash and contra/barter business income and expenses too. Exclude private and domestic expenses, and apportion any business expenses for private usage. 

Tip: Use a separate bank account for business to make your job much easier, quicker and more accurate. You can export transactions to Excel (or CSV) from online banking and put the data into a cash book template.

Warning: Do not record your salary/wages or investment income in your business income spreadsheet, otherwise your income may be doubled-up. Send us your completed cash books in Excel, not as a pdf or on paper, as we use Excel to perform our calculations.


If you claim expenses for a home based business:

Here are some of our older templates which are still useful:

If you are not registered for GST:

If you are registered for GST and do quarterly BAS:

 If you are registered for GST and do an Annual GST Return:

If your expenses relate to both business (ABN) and work (employment, TFN) income and you need to apportion them, see this:

 Artists may find this spreadsheet helpful

Other Tax Preparation Worksheets

Click on the links below to download other worksheets to help you organise your tax return information.

For a salary / wage earner’s deductions: 

If you have a rental property, record all details not shown on the annual agent statement:

Alternatively, provide a summary of rental property expenses and information not shown on the annual agent statement (we prefer you use the NEW VERSION above):

To maintain records for an overseas rental property in quarterly periods to adapt to different tax years:

If you sold a dwelling, summarise the key information for capital gains tax purposes:

If you claim expenses for a home based business:

If you are claiming deductions for overseas travel which is not 100% work related:

New versions of these car expenses worksheets are coming soon:

Here’s an example of how you can record all your work related expenses in one workbook if you’re doing multiple years of tax returns – see the tabs, and add / rename tabs to suit:


The templates and checklists above do not constitute legal advice and are solely intended for clients of Electra Frost Accounting to assist in the preparation of information for our review. Neither Electra Frost nor her associated business entities accept any liability for loss or damages incurred as a result of using or downloading these files for any purpose. By downloading any of the files on this website you accept these terms.