Checklists and Templates

Checklists, Templates and Worksheets

All of the content on this page is created and managed by Electra Frost to assist you with your record keeping so you can get the best value from our services. If you would like to provide feedback, make suggestions, report broken links or request any other types of checklists or templates we would be very happy to hear from you.

Online Tax Return Questionnaire

Our clients are able to to send us their files using a secure portal. Electra Frost writes thoroughly helpful online tax questionnaires to assist you with gathering the right records, to save time and save fees.

Excel Spreadsheet Templates for Sole Traders and Individuals

Our sole-trader clients with simple bookkeeping may find these sample Excel record keeping schedules useful. The format is general and only requires a basic working knowledge of Excel to use. You can modify the design and layout of the books to suit yourself. However, the column headings do let you know what forms the basis of a compliant record record keeping system. Some templates were modeled on samples provided on the Tax Office’s Record keeping for small businesses webpages, which we encourage our clients to refer to. Please contact us if you require personalised advice on record keeping obligations and best methods.

Basic cash-basis method of recording income and expenses for a contractor or sole trader:

Go through your bank and credit card statements from 1 July , checking for receipts/invoices as you go, to ensure that no transactions are left out. Then be sure to also record any unbanked cash and contra/barter business income and expenses too. Exclude private and domestic expenses (use a separate bank account for business).

Note: Do not record your salary/wages or investment income in this business income schedule (unless you want to pay double-tax on your income!). Send us your cash books in Excel, not as a pdf or on paper… otherwise we’ll have to type all your figures back into Excel to perform our calculations, which will cost you more.

Our most recent templates for contractors and sole-traders – click on the links below to download:

NOTE: If you have work related expenses too, you can add a column to apportion an expense between business and work related. Or add a separate page to the workbook. Be sure to rename (and even colour) the tabs on any extra pages you add so we see them.

Downloads-If you are not registered for GST

Downloads -If you are registered for GST

Downloads-If you are registered for GST and report annually

Downloads-If your expenses relate to both business (freelance) and work (employment) income and you need to apportion them, try this document

Downloads-Artists may find this spreadsheet helpful


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