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Accounting for Creative People since The Year 2000

As a Creative Business you need an Accountant who understands what you do, keeps up with the relevant tax legislation for your activities, and you’ll get the most value from their expertise if your accounting is in great shape.

 Most of our clients are special professionals. Many have complicated tax returns, with income from different sources and high-value deductions. So we take a special approach. We use our experience and technology to minimise the time needed to gather your information. That way, we can focus on the things that save you more tax!

We have 20 years of experience with the arts and entertainment industries, including artistic businesses operating in the digital realm. Many of our clients are also in software development, web design, video production, animation, SFX, VR, gaming, apps, product design, social media, publishing, marketing and small scale e-commerce selling their art online.

Our types of clients operate in constantly changing markets and have to think quickly, collaborate effectively and come up with highly unique services and products. They may be raising start-up capital or grants, or receiving large project payments, and need to keep a close eye on their budgets and cash flow. However, when it comes to accounting, so many by-pass professional tax advice and use outdated software that doesn’t align with their business needs. If your accounting and tax is difficult to manage it can inhibit your business growth. We want to help you manage it all throughout the year.

Even if you only need an annual return done, we will approach it as a tax planning exercise for the benefit of you, the business owner. We think ahead. We are always on the lookout for ways to save you tax and alert you to avoid costly problems you weren’t aware of.

Customer Testimonials

We are awesome to work with.
But don’t just take our word for it, take theirs!

Monica Davidson

We have worked with Electra Frost Accounting for over ten years and are very happy with the service. Electra and her team have been an integral part of the journey of our business, including the growth we’ve experienced in the last few years. They have ensured that our financials are always in good shape when it comes to reporting time, of course, but I’ve also appreciated their time and patience when it comes to teaching us new systems and alerting us to better ways of managing our financial situation. We highly recommend Electra to our creative business clients, as we work exclusively with creative clientele, and will continue to do so.

Monica Davidson, Creative+Business

Tracey Dods

Electra has been my accountant since the early 2000’s. That speaks volumes for the service she and her team provide, and for the longevity of her career in this niche market of arts tax law and accounting. Electra has long been familiar with my arts business and this has enabled her to do the very best by me over the years, her intricate knowledge of the Australian tax law has given me great comfort in knowing I will always get the fattest tax return available, with the minimum of pain and suffering. I’ve recommended Electra to many, many of my friends and they too have praised her speed and efficiency with their various businesses.

Tracey Dods, Artist and Wildlife Rescue Non-profit

Dr Clare Milledge

Over the years my employment and my artistic practice have changed and developed and become infinitely more complex. Electra has been there to cast a light into areas unknown to me and I have always been impressed with her intricate knowledge and her deep engagement within her chosen field.
Whether it’s mortgage repayments and negative gearing, calculating HELP debt repayments or expense claims for international per diems, Electra knows exactly what to do.
Additionally, she is highly ethical and strategic when it comes to assisting her clients, she thinks long-term.
I have recommended many creative people working previously with standard accountants to Electra and those that have employed her services have been deeply thankful. Occasionally people have asked me about the costs associated with having a specialist accountant deal with my tax, but they are always negligible in perspective of what I have gained, both financially and professionally.
I now conduct all my tax dealings online via email and Skype with Electra and I couldn’t be happier. There’s no accountant I would ever more highly recommend to an artist.

Dr Clare Milledge, Artist and Academic

Ryan Van Gennip

I have been working with Electra and her fabulous team for over a decade now. They have always gone above and beyond to try and get the best results for both my personal and business tax returns. I highly recommend their services to any musician or music industry organisation looking to get the most out of their business.

Ryan Van Gennip, Rhythm Section Management