The Lone Ranger Club

Providing business support, empowerment, education and accountability for creative sole-traders

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Why you should join our Club…

In our 20 years of accounting for creative people, we’ve been been able to add the most value to sole traders’ situations by providing regular advice and assistance with their more difficult aspects of tax and accounting.

The world is now moving too fast to review your business finances quarterly, let alone annually. 

In 2020 and beyond, a self-employed person MUST keep on top of their financial situation on a MONTHLY BASIS… and that requires a certain level of confidence, competence and determination to not fall behind.

However, having an accountant expertly prepare the books and give them valuable business advice on a monthly basis is not financially viable for most sole traders. Few can justify paying an accountant for high-level monthly accounting, reporting and advisory services typically provided to bigger businesses. But sadly, this leaves millions of Australian creatives unable to access the broader skillsets and knowledge they need from their accountants in order to manage their financial affairs in this challenging era of constant change…. they’re operating in the advice-gap… a.k.a. the Wilderness.

We know what traditional accountants are offering, and we believe creatives deserve more.

To contain costs, many sole traders prefer to take care of their own bookkeeping and let the accountant process their BAS and tax return. Too often, though, they end up paying accountants more for their time to fix the books before the returns can be done. The fees they are paying accountants to focus on this quarterly or annual compliance is not improving their situation if there is no practical future-focused advice along the way. There has to be a better way…

Too many sole traders stay in the wilderness all year, dreading tax-time. We would like the opportunity to help them more often, to make them better-off, and take away the fear.

If you are trying to navigate through the Wilderness, you are not alone.

We have designed a better-value, cost-effective solution exclusively for creative sole-traders.

Welcome to our Lone Rangers’ Club!

We believe that by combining the best accounting tools with a cost-effective support framework, our sole-trader clients can be empowered to:

  • Manage their own bookkeeping to a high standard, reconciled monthly
  • Lodge their own BAS and IAS online, to the ATO
  • Maintain budgets and cash flow forecasts to be in control of their money
  • Lose all fear of tax-time, and
  • Have a more rewarding, educational and positive relationship with their accountants!

Rather than paying an accountant $1500 plus each year to merely lodge your BAS’s and tax returns…. you could get so much more bang for your buck!!


  1. Accounting software subscription under our Xero Gold Partner billing account, with – 
    1. Xero Standard cloud accounting software 
    2. HubDoc for e-filing documents within Xero from your phone and emails
  2. Initial software assistance, with – 
    1. Either an existing system health-check, or set-up new system
    2. Importing our specially configured Chart of Accounts for sole trader
    3. Interactive webinar to provide basic training on software navigation and essential features
  3. 4 help-line calls, for accountant advice on – 
    1. ATO letters you received
    2. BAS preparation
    3. PAYG instalments
    4. General income-tax-related and deduction queries
    5. Classifying transactions in your accounting software
  4. Monthly ‘Money Day’ Round-Up, on the 1st of each month, including – 
    1. Members’ e-newsletter with the latest in tax news, industry insights, Xero features and marketplace add-ons, recommended training videos
    2. Members’ survey for bookkeeping pain-points, coding and GST queries (to be answered in webinar, see below)
    3. Your monthly Xero accounts reconciliation check-in (“My books are up to date!”)
    4. Exclusive members’ interactive webinar in the 2nd week of each month (2 dates offered)
    5. Recording of webinar to be emailed
  5. Private Facebook Group membership for peer support and sharing of knowledge and resources. (optional)

  6. New Year Party with Electra Frost – invitation only, to be scheduled sometime in January – 
    1. Three locations: Sydney, Brisbane and Agnes Water (for the adventurous).
    2. Enjoy a drink with our Chief Ranger, Electra
    3. Network with other Lone Rangers in a relaxed, friendly setting
    4. Glass of wine or beer, catering for veg and non-veg included
  7. Annual Tax Return with Financial Reports for the year end 30.06.2021, includes – 
    1. Our special online checklist to help you gather and submit all the necessary information for your return
    2. Review and processing of the financial information and instructions, as provided
    3. The Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss prepared under Accounting Standards (as now typically required by banks, lenders etc)
    4. Sole trader business tax return schedules
    5. Calculation of your taxation refund/payable
    6. Advice on your taxation position
    7. Electronic lodgement of tax return
    8. Checking and forwarding of Notices of Assessment from the ATO.
    9. A scheduled video call to discuss and understand your return (optional)
    10. (see Terms for specific exclusions)

What’s planned the interactive monthly webinars?

The monthly discussions will be dynamically informed by members’ Money Day survey responses.

Every month we’ll give you our run down on any new features and top-tips in Xero, We will use screen sharing to show you how it’s done. Any tax updates will be explained in brief layman’s terms.

Here’s a preview of the kind of practical and instructional topics we have planned, prioritised based on the time of year:

  • Bank reconciliation reports for 30 June (for correct 1 July balances)
  • Xero bookkeeping best practices (invoices, expenses)
  • Setting up tracking categories
  • Recording car expenses
  • Apportioning expenses
  • GST audit reports
  • Preparing and lodging the BAS, best practices
  • Monthly cash flow forecasting (in Excel and Xero)
  • Set up annual budget
  • Project budgets
  • Budget variance analysis
  • Working out PAYG instalments
  • Paying contractors and employees
  • Time-tracking, projects, job-costing
  • Superannuation
  • Applying for finance, business loans
  • Understanding financial reports (how much money in the business is yours?)
  • Tax planning
  • .. and much more!

“How is this good value if I am paying $125 a month, or $1,500 a year? (GST exclusive)”

The total amount payable is from $137.50 a month, so that a total of $1,650 is paid for all of the above for the 2021 financial year. If you’re GST registered, you get back the GST component in your BAS. The remaining fee is tax deductible, so you ‘get back’ even more of our fees with your 2021 tax return. Most importantly, what you will have learned from us throughout the year will have helped you

  • maximise your tax deductions,
  • minimise costly risks,
  • control your spending,
  • set financial goals to increase your profits,
  • lose the fear of tax, and
  • gain peace of mind and an improved lifestyle around your business

A sole-trader’s Individual Tax Return prepared with Financial Reports is typically charged at $1,200 plus GST alone.

This is a Premium service, with Annual Financial Reports prepared to the high-quality standards that banks and lenders are increasingly expecting to see from self-employed loan applicants.

The advice delivered in these webinars is typically charged from around $2,000 upwards to our bigger business clients

For $1,500 plus GST this empowering package, designed and delivered by creative industries specialists, is an incredible deal for a sole trader!

But the value you get from it will ultimately depend on your commitment and efforts to achieve these high standards. We can lead your horse to water, but you, the Lone Ranger, you have to make the horse drink…

Provided that you commit to the monthly Money Day Surveys, Accounts Check-In and attend all the webinars (or at least watch the recordings) and commit to keeping your Xero bookkeeping records up-to-date based on our continual advice, we are confident that we can provide these services within our budget and that you will benefit substantially.

In fact, we are so confident of this being the best value DIY-support solution for creative sole-traders that this is the ONLY service we are offering to sole-traders this year… other than our full bookkeeping-inclusive business plans which cost from $1,000 a month.

Whether you sign up from July or December… it’s still $1,500 plus GST in total for the year ending 30 June 2021… so, the sooner you sign up the more bang you’ll get for your buck!