Electra is highly ethical and strategic when it comes to assisting her clients, she thinks long-term. 1

About 17 years ago I was looking for an accountant who would understand my employment situation. I worked across a range of different jobs, body painting for corporate events, performing for burlesque shows and circus events, designing costumes, selling paintings, working in an art shop, some of it overseas. It was hard to describe to my flatmates what I did for a living – let alone an accountant!

A musician and friend recommended me to Barry at Entart (Entertainment/Arts) in Bondi Junction, Sydney and it was there that I first met Electra who was in his employ. As soon as I worked with Electra I realised I was in highly capable hands. She really understood what it was I did for a living and how that translated into the world of tax and accounting.

When Electra decided to start her own practice in Sydney I followed her there, and now on to Queensland. Over the years my employment and my artistic practice have changed and developed, and become infinitely more complex. Electra has been there to cast a light into areas unknown to me and I have always been impressed with her intricate knowledge and her deep engagement within her chosen field.

Whether it’s mortgage repayments and negative-gearing, calculating HELP debt repayments or expense claims for international per diems, Electra knows exactly what to do. Additionally, she is highly ethical and strategic when it comes to assisting her clients, she thinks long-term.

I have recommended many creative people working previously with standard accountants to Electra and those that have employed her services have been deeply thankful. Occasionally people have asked me about the costs associated with having a specialist accountant deal with my tax, but they are always negligible in perspective of what I have gained, both financially and professionally .

I now conduct all my tax dealings online via email and Skype with Electra and I couldn’t be happier. There’s no accountant I would ever more highly recommend to an artist.